Everything you need to know about libra, the cryptocurrency of Facebook

Libra, the cryptocurrency of Facebook, could change global commerce and finance, becoming a new way for people to send money and make their payments. Read this guide to learn how this new Facebook service will work and how it will be controlled.
New York (CNN Business) -  Libra, the cryptocurrency of Facebook, could change global commerce and finance, becoming a new way for people to send money and make their payments
Facebook announced the creation of a pound in June and expects to launch it early next year. What is libra?Libra is a cryptocurrency developed by Facebook. The company says that Pound will make sending money online cheaper and faster, and will improve access to financial services, especially for people without bank accounts or with little access to banking. How will pound work?Libra and the technologies to use it will be built on a blockchain platform called Libra Network. A blockchain is made up of a series of servers (also called "nodes") that record and validate …

The newsletter, a way to keep your memory alive in the clients

Most people receive thousands of external impacts throughout the day: we are bombarded by advertising in the press, radio and television, our smartphone receives emails, whatsapps and SMS, web pages are full of propaganda banners of the most diverse types (and Google is always attentive to show you advertising related to the latest searches you have done) and even just walking down the street we see continuously advertising on billboards, taxis, buses, bus shelters ...

Companies wonder how to highlight their message in this maremagnum of communication, how to make the potential customer think of us and have us in the head at the time you need the services offered by our company.  
And one of the most powerful, effective and cheap ways to reach customers is through a newsletter. 
I allow myself to give you some guidelines, based on my own experience, to achieve maximum effectiveness:
- Tell something interesting: it may seem obvious, but before sending a newsletter it is good to spend some…

Do you know how to manage the data in your company? Clues to overcome addiction to Excel sheets

We live in an economy in which more and more data surrounds us. Any decision that we have to make at work involves analyzing a series of variables and these variables are becoming more and more and more complex. An offer to a customer, the need to expand the workforce, assess the profitability of a product or service or a line of business ... are challenges that companies face in their day to day. And taking an erroneous decision can have very serious consequences in the present and future of the company. 

To help answer this need, for many years companies have turned to spreadsheets, where Microsoft Excel has been the undisputed leader. But there comes a time when the spreadsheet is no longer the right tool, and sometimes it is hard to see and it is often very difficult to make the decision to solve it. What symptoms indicate that you should consider adopting a more appropriate tool? - Time: you spend a lot of time to pass data to Excel sheets to be able to control different areas of …

The SME before the Digital Transformation or how to go from being a reactive company to being a proactive company

Today I went to Pamplona to present the strategy that the Industrial Engineers College of Navarra (COIINA) will develop during 2019 in its capacity as Digital Transformation Office for Navarra, a figure created by the Ministry of Economy and Business to promote the culture of Digital Transformation among companies.

Recognizing that almost any initiative in this regard helps, I do not stop perceiving the great difference that exists between SMEs and large companies. In contacts with clients, I see that small and medium businesses usually have a reactive attitude, either forced by customers or by regulatory changes. It is the external circumstances that usually lead these companies to adopt new technologies and tools that involve a transformation in their culture and in the way of doing things. But seldom has the company designed a global strategy that covers all the areas of work of the company. And this is often the case, due to a lack of technological culture and also due to a lack of…

Awards "Small Great Inventions 2016 UPV"

Young people between 15 and 17 years old have competed in the sixth edition of the contest " Small Great Inventions 2016" of the UPV, Universitat Politècnica de València. The winning projects are "HapCom" of the Gençana de Godella Educational Center and "DJ con Ardumusic" of the El SalerIES in Valencia. "Hap Como" consists of two devices, connected by bluetooth, that facilitate communication between deaf and blind people. The team consists of three students from the Gençana de Godella Educational Center: Gabriel Rasskin, José Guillermo and Javier Sanmartín.
"DJ con Ardumusic" allows you to play more than forty different instruments with your own hand, without the need for musical knowledge. It uses programming and accessible resources. Its goal is to introduce the smallest in the world of programming.  It is a project of the IES El Saler in Valencia, and the team is composed of Raquel Núñez, María Bonafont, Carlos Pascual and Sergio Olmos.…

The Jury issues verdict of the Winners of the First Edition of the National Prize for Technological Research Initiation

PROJECT ATLANTIS" AND "MOTOR STIRLING", winning projects in the categories ESO and BACHILLERATO, respectively. Due to the high level of work in the ESO category, an Accésit is awarded for the project "REUTILIZACIÓN DE AGUAS GRISES. INTI SYSTEM ". 

The students of the secondary schools Ramiro de Maeztu (Madrid), and Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente (Burgos), have been awarded in the 1st edition of the contest on energy efficiency convened by UAITIE.

The ruling was issued by a multidisciplinary jury consisting of: Mr. Rodrigo Morell, President of the Association of Energy Efficiency Companies (a3e);Mrs. Ester Micó, Vice-president of the State Platform of Associations of Technology Teachers; Mr. Manuel Islán, Doctor of the Polytechnic University of Madrid; Mr. José Luis Belinchón, Manager of Technological Innovation (General Directorate of Universities and Research); Mr. Francisco Javier de Lara, President of the State Association of Representatives of Students of the …

Science and Technology in Secondary Education

What is technology? What is technology
The technology is defined as the set ofknowledge and skills which, when applied in a logical and orderly, enable humans tomodify their material or virtual to meet your needs environment , that is, a combined process of thought and action in order to create useful solutions. 

Technology responds to the desire and will of people to transform our environment, transform the world around us looking for new and better ways to satisfy our desires. The motivation is the satisfaction of needs or desires, theactivity is the development, the design and the execution and theproduct resulting goods and services, or methods and processes.

TechnologyMotivationActivityProductSatisfaction of needs and desires.Design, creation, construction, execution.Goods, services, methods and processes.
This human activity and its resulting product is what we call technology.Thanks to it we have multiple systems that allow us, for example, to communicate, move, dress, feed or manuf…